Land’escapes provides a place for people to connect with nature, while protecting and rehabilitating land in South-Central Ontario.

Land'escapes park is a 26,000 acre property where we offer camping trips and low-impact recreation opportunities.

Think of The Park as your outdoor gymnasium

100 square kilometres of wilderness is at your fingertips just waiting for you to explore with countless attractions and experiences waiting for you. 


Disconnect from the modern world, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ontario backcountry. Dozens of private lakes offer incredible privacy Several small lakes feature only one campsite, while others have up to 5, suitable for larger groups. Want a lake to yourself? We can arrange it.


Paddle your way through the lakes and wetlands of the park to get up close looks at wildlife!

Our larger lakes have a cache or two of Nova Craft canoes conveniently located. We can even have a canoe dropped off directly at your campsite before you arrive if you’d like one there.


Embark on an unforgettable hiking adventure. Our extensive trail network of over 150km winds through diverse landscapes, from lush forests to rugged terrain to open meadows, offering something for every level of hiker.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and discover hidden gems along the way (and tell us about them because we may not have even found out about them yet!). You are sure to find tracks or scat along the way and likely some wildlife sightings too. Whether you seek a peaceful stroll or a challenging trek, the park await your exploration on foot.


Want to get bored of catching 3lb bass? Land’escapes is the place for you! The many private lakes have been stocked with bass, offering a mix of lakes with fewer, larger bass, and Jocko Lake that notably got 2 guys nearly 150 bass in an afternoon. Shore lunch has never been easier!

With canoes on the shores of most lakes, access is easy – just hike in, set up camp, and spend the afternoon and evening fishing.


Explore the rugged terrain and natural beauty of the Land’escapes trails by bike! There’s a diverse experience for riders of all levels. With a mix of rocky terrain, winding singletrack, wide tracks and scenic trails, riders can explore everything from rugged backcountry to tranquil lakes.

Planning a longer bike packing trip? The Central Ontario Loop Trail (COLT) trail runs right through Land’escapes so you can stop over for a night or two and camp right on the lake with canoes waiting for you there.


A remote crag overlooking beautiful blue seas lake is good old Ontario adventure climbing. The remote granite wall has potential for a few weekends worth of single pitch 20 meter + routes.

The climbing is moderate and having had no traffic requires a hardy soul willing to pull on the occasional lichen covered rock, and tiptoe through gnarly ancient cedars on exposed ledges. There are however fun moves on solid, steep rock, and a few mellower slab lines.

Climb a few routes with relatively simple top rope set up or go for the first ground up ascent of 5.10+ routes that could be led on gear. Easier climbing exists but would be run out. The approach is long, the view incredible. A fun climbing challenge.

At Land’escapes we are stewards of the land. We’re your guide when you’re here and when you’re away we’re working to make sure your next trip is even better than your last experience. We offer you a truly unique, private backcountry experience.

We have a clear mandate for conservation and restoration. As such, access is strictly limited to lessen our impact. You are powering your journey in the park, you carry everything you need on your back and your feet take you where you want to go.

Book a Trip

We offer a range of curated backcountry camping trips with varying styles and levels of difficulty.

On-site outfitting is available to make booking a trip simple. 

Acres protected to date


The land that we have acquired was previously used for industrial timber harvests. We are committed to restoring the property and allowing the ecological systems found within it to rebound and thrive.

Canada has set targets to protect 30% of land and water by the year 2030. We are actively trying to help Canada work towards the 30 by 2030 goal. In partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, we aim to put 100% of our land holdings under mechanisms that would ensure they are protected forever.

We are working directly with NCC to establish a conservation management plan that would inform our activities on the property.


We want to ensure that people have access to these lands in order to develop meaningful connections with nature. The evidence showing that time spent outdoors contributes to happiness and wellbeing is overwhelming. Therefore, we believe that connection to nature also helps establish long term respect and a drive to protect the environments we feel connected to.

Enhancing geographic connections is also a priority for Land’escapes. By connecting protected areas and waterways, wildlife corridors are formed and habitats expand and improve. Our properties are part of the Algonquin to Adirondack corridor as well as the Kawartha Natural Heritage System.


We aim to cultivate a community of stewards and partners to realize our vision. Therefore, we are seeking partnerships with indigenous communities that can inform our conservation management plan and advise on ideal scenarios for access.

If you are interested in what we are doing or would like to work with us, we are eager to hear from you!



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