The Park will feature a range of camping, paddling and hiking experiences that highlight the park’s natural features.

  • Mix of campsites from backcountry to frontcountry fitted with fire pits, tent pads, permanent bear-hangs and out-houses.
  • ~200km trails with various grades and several portage routes.
  • Canoes and equipment available for use.


Membership is limited to maintain a true wilderness feeling and ensure long-term protection of our properties and the wildlife that use them.
  • Working with partner Organizations to set and meet Conservation goals
  • Membership cap of 250 people (~100ac/person).
  • Ensure ample opportunity to get outdoors without overbooking or crowding issues.


For our small group of members, we want to provide a personalized customer service experience. The benefits of a small community of members is that this park is truly yours. You will be able to shape the park and the experiences it offers into what you enjoy most.

  • Our team will help with trip planning and accessing
  • Online forum where members can connect and share trip stories.