This project is in its infancy. At this point, we have secured the land and will begin implementing our recreation plan in the summer of 2021. We have a team of “Coureur des Bois” who will be building out infrastructure during our first year including trails and campsites. While this is ongoing, founding members will have access to the Park for low-impact recreation.

Founding members must be comfortable navigating the back-country without marked and maintained trails and campsites.

Year 1 - Targets:

Park Development: Our team will be providing ongoing updates and communications about The Park’s development and welcome inputs from our members on route design, campsite locations and more.

Bookings: Bookings during the first season of the Park being open will start as a sign-in, sign-out process and members will have the freedom to navigate their own routes and campsites. As we begin to establish designated camping areas, we will take bookings in advance. Eventually, once all campsites have been established, booking in advance will be required to avoid disappointment on specific site availability.