Land’escapes is a private company working to protect and rehabilitate land in Ontario by providing a place for people to connect with nature through low-impact recreation. 

In June 2021, Land’escapes purchased this 65,000+ acres property from The Forest Land Group. Numerous groups and individuals have historically had access to the land as well as thousands of neighbours. The lands were previously used for industrial timber operations and camp-style hunting. We are now carrying out various restoration initiatives, and assembling a long-term conservation management plan for the property. In 2023 Land’escapes will have transferred 26,000 acres to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, creating what is now called the Hastings Wildlife Junction

Our team has been reaching out to the community, and have invited various stakeholders to weigh in on our goals and projects. Given the sheer size of this property we realize there is still lots of work to do on this front.

We’re excited to be launching a mosaic of low-impact recreation offerings that help connect people with nature – we’ve made a firm commitment that all of these activities must align with our overarching conservation goals and values. In many ways this is an enormous change management project with a small but dedicated team of outdoor enthusiasts working to bring the Land’escapes vision to fruition.

To learn more about us, please feel free to contact us for more information about Land’escapes!


about - team - Ben Samann

Ben Samann

Owner and Founder
team - Carlyle Apps

Carlyle Apps

General Manager
team - Mac Thorne

Mac Thorne

Stewardship Program Manager
about - team - Bridget O'Brien

Bridget O'Brien

Senior Ranger, Operations
about - team - Kevin Buss

Kevin Buss

Senior Ranger
about - team - Emily Patterson

Emily Patterson

Recreation Program Lead, Ranger
about - team - Bri Naklicki

Brianna Naklicki

Conservation Biologist, Ranger

Work with us

See below for our current opportunities. To apply for a position please email a cover letter and resume to info@landescapes.org

Current Positions

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