Land Partnerships

With over 100km² of land within our park, there are endless possibilities beyond just camping. We’d love to hear from any organizations looking to establish low-impact projects and are in need of land to operate in Hastings County. If you have an idea for a business, nonprofit, or a one-off research or community-based project please reach out to info@landescapes.org to learn more.

Permits and Access Agreements

Anyone with previous legal access through the property in the past was through means of licenses or land use agreements. We have continued with this process and have reached new agreements with many groups and individuals.

For anyone with questions or concerns regarding historical access through the property, please contact info@landescapes.org.


We hope to be quiet, easy neighbours and have moved to a much more sustainable approach to forest management and selective logging. We are running much quieter outdoor recreation and education activities.

If you have accessed this property in the past, you may notice that we have taken some security measures to end public access. In order for us to meet our conservation and restoration goals, we have taken action to prevent trespassing. While we know that most users were probably acting respectfully on the property. With open access to the public it becomes difficult to maintain wild spaces and hold those who do cause damages accountable. 

For neighbours of the lands we continue to own and manage, we offer agreements for property access and non-motorized pedestrian use. For anyone interested in an access agreement of this kind please contact info@landescapes.org


We have permitted hunting opportunities across the 40,000+ acres of land we manage – particularly during deer and moose hunting season. At the time that we took ownership of the property, there were many camp-style hunt license agreements in place. Throughout the first year of ownership we worked with each group individually to reach new hunt license agreements. We maintained over 30 agreements on lands managed by us with additional agreements held in place on the lands transferred to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Many of the current hunt licensees have been hunting on this property for decades. Hunting plays a critical role in wildlife management. We acknowledge that many of these groups have been excellent stewards of this land for generations. We will continue to learn from them and integrate aspects of their practices into our broader vision for this land.

As hunt license areas have become available we have continued to sign new agreements. At this time we do not have any availability, however you may contact us to learn more about any future availability.

First Nations seeking access to Land’escapes lands for hunting and harvesting should contact indigenous@landescapes.org



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