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Booking A Trip

When you email or call The Park to book, our staff will quicky assess your wants and needs to help plan the perfect trip. 

We can find you a site a quick jaunt from your car with great fishing for a weekend by a lake, or we can find you a 60km loop that takes you through ravines and ridges and beaver ponds.

For many people, The Park has become a routine experience. Booking by text message is common. This can be daunting for first time visitors but our staff are here to help!

Our focus is on getting the right people, not all the people, and so you will never find The Park at capacity.


Land’escapes welcomes all skill levels. We have developed a number of options based on the best fit for you.

Beginner Backcountry

$ 100 Starting from $100/person/night
($400/Night Minimum)
  • A Pre-Planned itinerary that fits your needs.
  • One of our staff will meet you at our gatehouse to help pack your gear and your food.
  • Once you get to your site, they can help you get your tent set up, and go over water treatment, fire making and safety, show you the basics of canoeing.
  • If you need help, send them a text message and they can pop by within the hour!


$ 60 Starting from $60/person/night
($200/Night Minimum)
  • For experienced backcountry adventurers who are excited to explore the park.
  • Our concierge will work with you to plan a trip with any or all the activities we offer in the park. Once laid out, we will provide you with a custom digital map.
  • This can include private lakes, proven wetlands for bird watching, paddling, thru-hiking and many other highlights of The Park.
  • We offer Pick Ups and Drop offs as some of our trails are still in development.

Park Explorer

If you know, you know
  • This is meant for veterans of The Park - you know where you're going and why, and you have free range inside The Park. We will tell you what sites are booked, and for the rest, do whatever you want! Just don't blame us for your soaked boots and rare bird sightings!


$ 5,000 unlimited acces
  • For those who want to be here all the time. While we won't let you move here, within reason you can come as often as you want and do whatever you want. Bring up to 3 others with you at a time.

Booking Form

Welcome to the start of your adventure! Help us help you plan your trip! Once you’ve filled out this form, one of our staff will reach out to you do discuss options and book the perfect trip.

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About Your Trip



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