Unlimited Membership – $10,000 per year

  • Year-round and full access to The Park’s 26,000 acres of stunning wilderness for the Member and up to three guests.
    Guaranteed availability on peak dates including long weekends for campsites.
  • Includes access to The Park’s amenities and services including our Gear Library, Workshops and Courses.
  • Priority booking options to purchase The Park’s specialty Workshops and Courses or Certification Programs led by local experts throughout the year at a discount.
  • One complimentary Guided Group Trip and up to three complimentary Discover the Park Guided setup experiences – along with access to our outdoor instructors and priority booking options for purchasing additional Guided Trips & Experiences.
  • Access to our online portal to make bookings, view maps, find resources, and engage with the membership community by sharing trip stories.
    Specialty Curated Premium Welcome Gift delivered to you prior to your first visit at The Park.


Limited Membership – $6,000 per year

  • Annual access to The Park for the Member and up to three guests excluding peak dates.
  • Paid access to The Park’s amenities and services including our Gear Library, Workshops and Courses and Guided Group Trips or Experiences,.
  • Specialty Curated Welcome Gift delivered to you prior to your first visit at The Park.


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There are countless membership benefits including the opportunity to join an exclusive and inaugural community of outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for protecting nature. The flexibility to escape to some of south-central Ontario’s most scenic wilderness void of crowds or excessive noise for any season, and the opportunity to enjoy a number of our amenities and services designed to elevate and enrich your Park experience.

YES! Think of it like a wilderness ‘gym-type’ membership. Campsites, Guided Group Trips or Workshops or Classes can be booked in advance online or by phone. Or you can just show-up and enjoy one of our many trails. However, we do recommend booking your stay in advance via our online portal to ensure you get the campsite or Workshop or Class you’d like as they’re available on a first-confirmed basis with Unlimited Members getting first priority booking.

Unlimited and Limited Memberships enable you to visit The Park with up to 3 additional guests. Your three guests don’t have to be the same guests each time, but you – as the primary Member – must be present for each visit.
We are a small community of Members. The goal is to enrich yours and your guest’s experience at The Park. We’re not looking to be overly restrictive, but we also have to ensure we provide fair equity to all so that everyone can enjoy The Park. Let us know if you have a special request or occasion and we’ll do our best to accommodate you when we can.
Peak Dates 2022 Park Peak Dates
We are limiting memberships to 100 in the first year, to allow us to assess and learn. In future years, we will be increasing memberships based on the capacity of the land without compromising the value to members and to ensure long-term protection of our properties and wildlife that use them.
Memberships run annually from May 1 to April 30. If there becomes availability and someone joins part-way through the year, their membership fees will be adjusted accordingly.
As long as you like. Members will definitely have a favourite campsite! But there are so many great sites at The Park to enjoy and explore so we ask that members come together as a community and ensure reasonable usage of each camp site to ensure equitable access to all.

As many as you’d like as part of your Unlimited Membership. Limited Members will have access anytime based on availability except for peak travel dates including Canada Day, Labour Day, and Thanksgiving long weekends – along with some other key peak dates. Our goal is to not have too many restrictions and to build a community where we all can responsibly enjoy the Park with equitable access for all members.

Since all memberships are limited to the capacity of memberships available, please consider the memberships to be non-refundable and non-transferable.
Yes! But please remember that the Park is full of wildlife including porcupines as well as other members and staff so be sure to be a responsible pet parent at all times.
Many of our courses and programs are kid-friendly, but it is expected that they do have parental supervision while attending. We do not offer daycare or day camps for kids.
There is a main service road that provides access to the interior of the park with parking at various trailheads. However, all campsites will require you to hike (or paddle) to them. We will not have spots for cars or camping trailers within The Park. We also want to minimize noise and safety hazards so our Members and their guests can freely roam or enjoy low-impact recreational activities across our 26,000 acres and just focus on having fun.
With a limited membership base, we will know you, and you will know each other. Our members should all subscribe to Voluntary Aggressive Compliance of the Park Values – not only should you know the rules, but you should also strive to always be well within the spirit of them. If you notice another member breaking them, or find evidence of it, please let us know and we will deal with it accordingly.

Generally, we trust that people will do the right thing to help our community thrive.
Payment is due before your first visit to The Park. Membership can be paid by cheque or e-transfer. For any exceptional situations, we will deal with those on a one-on-one basis with potential members.
This is the first year that The Park will be open. Over the last 10 months we have been developing the recreation offerings in the Park and converting it from a logging property into a backcountry wilderness Park. This development will continue throughout the first year. We currently have a network of marked trails throughout with varying difficulties. We will have a selection of campsites that are either accessible by foot or by paddle and we will continue to develop more sites throughout the first year. We have an amazing team and experts collaborating to develop the range of activities listed below. Our inaugural members get the first chance to try these activities and help shape what we develop based on your own interests…and just think, YOU could help direct this as an inaugural member.


There will be over 150 kms of marked and mapped trails for beginner to intermediate level hikers. Paddling trips on our lakes and wetlands for longer excursions. We are offering the portage-less portage where members paddle to the end of a lake, leave the canoe and there’s another canoe waiting on the next lake.

The Park as it develops will become your one-stop destination for all your favourite non-motorized outdoor activities. We are working with experts and ‘Friends of the Park’ to build out activities within the Park. Friends of The Park include birders, helping us to design the perfect bird watching blind, mountain bikers scouting routes for every level of skill. A local expert has tested an 80’ cliff for rock climbing and we’ve mapped out over 100 stunning campsites each with their own unique views. Basically, we’re looking to offer limitless yet low-impact outdoor recreational options for our members.

If you have something in mind – we want to hear about it and help you develop it or get access to it!

Low-impact recreational activities permitted at The Park include camping, hiking, running, walking canoeing, trekking, paddle boards, swimming, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, bird observation or rock climbing. Basically, it’s anything that does not involve using a motorized vehicle or that leaves a trace or mark after enjoyment.
We’re always open to suggestions regarding new and interesting recreational activities to offer at The Park that protect the wilderness and respect wildlife.

Fishing is permitted based on catch-and-release only, with additional conservation restrictions on many lakes.

Hunting is permitted in limited situations, including for the historic hunt camps on the properties, and we are open to members making specific requests, either within The Park or on other Land’escapes lands.

Shooting ranges and archery are not available.

No. Studies show the negative impact and potential fire hazard fireworks can have on the wilderness and its wildlife.

Amenities and Services

Unlimited Members receive full use of our Amenities and Services including our Gear Library, Workshops and Courses led by industry experts, one complimentary Meet & Greet Guided Group Trips & Experiences and up to three Discover The Park Guided Trips within the membership year – along with access to our outdoor experts, and online resources. Other Guided Trips, Specialty VIP Workshops and Classes or Certification Programs can be purchased and will be offered to Unlimited Members on a first priority booking basis and availability.

Limited Members will have paid access to our Amenities and Services with the option to purchase Workshops and Courses and some of our Guided Trips based on availability.

Learn More About Our Amenities and Services

The Gear Library is a collection of gear that serves as a resource to you to get the most out of your Park experience. Perhaps you want to try out a new product or maybe you will need to borrow something you’ve forgotten at home or didn’t know you needed.

Gear ranges from canoes to Kevlar boats for tripping, camping gear including sleeping bags and sleeping pads, backpacks and outwear, cooking systems. Smallwares like flashlights, sunglasses or starter kits, all-season equipment for outdoor activities such as bikes, snowshoes or cross-country skis and lifejackets or first-aid kits.

Learn More About our Gear Library

Our goal with the Gear Library is to keep it fully stocked for times you’ve forgotten an item, want to try something new or simply didn’t know you needed it. So, we can assist you with any requests to source items for your own gear collection but ultimately we’ll treat this as a library where you borrow our items and then return them, and we’ll clean and check them before returning them back to the library.

Yes, you can book private Guided Tours or Experiences for an additional fee. We’re happy to tailor some of our services to your needs to help elevate your overall Park experience.

No. The Park is not meant for use as a venue for events for high volumes of people at one time and out of respect for other members.
We hope this never happens, but our Rangers are available to assist you or your guests with any medical emergencies that may come up during your stay. We do ask that members with medical conditions be sure to bring an extra supply of required medications with them in the event they lose or misplace them.