Jocko Lake Loop

There are many places to canoe in The Park, but Jocko lake is definitely a favourite! It offers hiking, canoeing and, of course, camping all in one spot.

You can access Jocko lake by driving down Sandy Lane to the Jocko lake parking lot. So here you are at the trailhead to start your adventure.

The size of Jocko lake makes for a really nice loop trail around the lake. On the hiking loop, 4 trails lead to 4 campsites.

Now, if you don’t want to do the big hike to the campsite, you can hike 1.5 kms to the Boat Launch. Here you will find a canoe with paddles. (You will need to bring a life jacket or grab one at the gear library before you go to the park along with your boat safety kit.)

The paddle to the campsites is not long but very enjoyable. Each of the 4 campsites are very different, and all have varying views of the lake. Each campsite is private and includes a fire pit, thunder box and bear hang.

While on Jocko Lake, it is an excellent time to explore. There are many creeks and beaver dams around the lake to check out. You will pass through many ecosystems and plant and aquatic life if you are hiking. If you are paddling, make sure to bring a fishing pole for your chance to catch a Jocko Lake Bass (remember, catch and release only until we’ve assessed catch capacities).

The Jocko Lake trail will be ready for snowshoeing and winter camping in the winter. Along the route, there will be winter camping tents with wood stoves so you can spend the night. In addition, they will have wood ready for the stove and cots to sleep on.

We can’t wait for our members to add Jocko Lake to their itinerary!

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