Jocko West 3 Day Hike-in


The Jocko West 3 Day Hike-in is a great trip for anyone who enjoys backcountry camping and might be fairly new to backpacking. This trip features a moderately challenging hike directly to your campsite. This campsite has a small beach which makes for easy canoe landings and decent swimming if you walk in a little bit. This trip is perfect for families, groups, new backpackers or just anyone interested in a moderately challenging trip out in the backcountry.

All of our trips are intended for you to have a good time and enjoy the natural beauty of this special place. We expect all guests to be respectful and mindful of their impact on the land, other visitors, and wildlife. Please have a look at our rules to make sure we’re all on the same page before booking.

Trip Length

3 Day

Max. Group Size

6 persons
3 tent pads

Trip Price

per group
(incl. fees)

What's included



Walking speed: 3km/h with a pack

Paddling speed: 20-30 min per km

  • We work with the 100-year rule – if everyone does what you do, every time they pass through, will the land look better or worse in 100 years? Whether that’s picking flowers or leaves, harvesting shoreline sweet gale for tea, or cutting into a live tree, ask yourself how your actions are impacting the broader ecology.
  • Quiet recreation includes camping, hiking, biking, paddling, and climbing, but also horseback riding, backcountry skateboarding, and unicycling – as long as it doesn’t have a motor, and you stick to suitable routes, it’s fine by us.
  • No speakers, no chainsaws, and definitely no fireworks!


View a full copy of our rules and regulations here.

No. We call our trips ‘assisted-backcountry camping’, meaning we curate your entire itinerary for you and offer in-person demonstrations on backcountry skills and safety measures before heading off on your own.

All of our trip prices are per group. This means that the listed price is what you pay and you decide how many guests to bring up to the max. group size. 

Contact us if you plan to come with 1-2 people and we may be able to offer a reduced price!

All of our online bookings are subject to a 6% reservation fee. We have included this fee in our prices so that the final price you are paying is what is listed on our website + hst. 



At all of our campsites we have created some designated spaces that are flat and suitable for up to 4 person tents.  

Feel free to get creative and find another spot to set up if you need to bring more tents than the listed number of tent pads. 


There aren’t washrooms as you’d expect in your home, but there are outdoor privy boxes / thunder boxes / treasures chests (they have many names). These are essentially outhouses without walls, but they have great views.

Gear Packages

available as add-ons with your trip booking

Shelter Kit  |  $22/person/night
Sleeping bag and liner, therm-a-rest sleeping pad, tarp & rope, 2p, 3p or 4p tent(s)

Camp Kitchen Kit  |  $27.00/group/night
Stove, pot set, spatula, spoon and tongs, cutting board, knife x 2, collapsible strainer, collapsible sink, dish scrubbie and microfiber cloth, biodegradable soap, aluminum foil, garbage bags, water purification tablets

Dining Kit  |  $5.00/person/night
Plate, bowl, mug, water bottle, utensil set

Washroom Kit  |  $3.00/group/night
Plastic bag, whistle, TP roll, hand sanitizer

Fully Outfitted  |  $55/person/night (depending on group size)
Includes all above kits plus packs and/or food barrel
Note: Fully outfitted does NOT include food

Contact us for information about limited availability of individual rental items

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone so we can help!



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