Park Values

Through our unique blend of conservation and outdoor recreation, we believe our Members share our common values of conservation including leaving no trace and respecting the land, wildlife, and other members. Our goal with The Park is to build a community of people who are not just accessing this beautiful wilderness but taking ownership of its care for generations to come.

At The Park we have a Code of Conduct, and it works both ways.
  • Membership numbers will always be limited to the real capacity of the land and facilities will gradually grow over time as we learn about the property and our Members.
  • We have a team of experienced Rangers and staff that are always here to help. We have staff inside The Park 7 days a week for emergencies or general help.
  • Our trails and amenities are in line with backcountry use. All routes are travelled weekly throughout the warm seasons for maintenance and stewardship, but if something needs urgent attention, please report it.
  • Conservation will always come first. We will be re-routing trails and avoiding sensitive habitats as we identify the protections needed.
  • There will be no “upgrade creep” with ever-increasing levels to keep a full membership, and price increases for existing Members are capped at 5% per year or inflation, whichever is lower.
  • Unlimited memberships are capped at the number of campsites in The Park, guaranteeing the availability of access (but not your favourite site).
  • The gear library will be stocked based on general demand, and we cannot guarantee the availability of any equipment. All equipment will be checked and cleaned by staff after each use and before returned to the library.
  • Limited Memberships will grow over time and will be capped once reasonable use is reached.
Community feedback is always welcomed at The Park and will be factored into all decisions.
  • Land’escapes/The Park property users should fall in alignment with our overall vision and therefore enthusiastically adhere to the rules and regulations or as we refer to it “voluntary aggressive compliance”.
  • You should feel aligned with our rules and want to follow them as a part of the community, not look for loopholes.
  • We work with the 100-year rule – if everyone does what you do, every time they pass through, will the land look better or worse in 100 years? Whether that’s picking flowers or leaves, harvesting shoreline sweet gale for tea, or cutting into a live tree, ask yourself if it’s making The Park a better place for others.
  • Quiet recreation includes camping, hiking, biking, paddling, and climbing, but also horseback riding, backcountry skateboarding, and unicycling – as long as it doesn’t have a motor, and you stick to suitable routes, it’s fine by us.
  • No speakers, no chainsaws, no fireworks, and DEFINITELY no gas-powered air horns.
  • All of our rules and availability are based on reasonable assumptions, and we want to avoid a 50-page document on conditions and limits. We don’t technically have a limit to trip lengths or number of trips per year, but we reserve the right to impose one in certain situations. We want all Members to enjoy all areas of The Park equally. We assume that most people won’t need help at 3 am on a regular basis, and so we’re not making rules about what qualifies for those calls.
  • Remember that The Park is a community, and it can only be as good as each Member of the community.
    Those that do not fulfill their commitment to us and other Members, will receive a notice in writing and we will try to work through the issue amicably. However, after three notices, The Park has the right to revoke membership without any return of membership funds.


We recommend that Members subscribe to the Voluntary Aggressive Compliance to help ensure a favourable and respectful experience for all at The Park.