Campsite 50 - Egan Creek

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Campsite Description

This campsite is right at the bottom of the waterfall on the North Side of the Egan Creek Trail. You will fall asleep with the
sound of water running through Egan Creek. There is a bathing spot in the creek but this can change as
the water levels and currents change through the year. In the humid months in could be buggy as well.

It’s an easily accessed site, being close to the trail, but because it is at the bottom of the waterfall it is pretty secluded and sheltered from the sun.

Access: Hike Access
Swimming Conditions: Moderate/Good – moving water, use with caution
Number of Tent Pads: 1


  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 2:00 pm


Once you have arrived at the Park, drive East along Sandy Lane (formerly MacKenzie Lane). You will cross over the Hastings Heritage Trail which has gates on either side. Once through, drive 1.25 km and take the first left hand turn onto the Egan Creek Loop. You may park your vehicle at the parking area. Hike from your vehicle up the Egan Creek Loop. After you cross the waterfall bridge, the campsite is on your right hand side with a short walk down from the trail.

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