Campsite 60 - McFee

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Campsite Description

This campsite can be accessed by trail or by water. The canoe cache on McFee lake has canoes and stand-up paddle boards. This campsite is on the east side of the lake and has a great rock shore that you can swim from. Swimming is excellent. The fire pit is nice and established and you could expect sunset views from this spot. Nice and open and breezy on the right day. Bass fishing is exceptional.

Access: Hike Access (Paddle access optional)
Swimming Conditions: Good
Number of Tent Pads: 2


  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 2:00 pm


Park your vehicle at the North Lane Lot. For hike access, walk East about 1km to reach the site. For paddle access, grab a boat from the cache half-way up the trail.

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