Canadian Style Paddling I

Saturday, June 11th

12 participants

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CSP1 is an introductory canoeing course that will cover the basics of boat designs, history, getting in and out of a canoe, loading, trimming, and launching, and of course how to paddle a canoe efficiently and effectively as a tandem and solo paddler. the course is based on learning the fundamentals of canoe stroke and maneuvers through the practice of 5 core moves; pivots, circles, forward and backward lines, landings, and circles. It’s a great way to get started into canoeing or to sharpen your skills and teaching abilities too. It may even help you leave some bad habits behind for some new more reliable ones.


Date and Time
Saturday, September 24th

The Park
122 MacKenzie Lane, Coe Hill, ON KOL1P0


  • PFD/Life Jacket (we can provide by request)
  • Paddle
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle and snacks


About the instructor
Shawn McShane

Shawn McShane is an ORCKA Instructor trainer and wilderness instructor, guide, and outdoor adventurer. He has worked in many communities across Canada training people in a variety of skills from winter survival and predator defense, to Expedition leadership and canoe and kayak skills mastery. Shawn is a patient and thorough Instructor who is passionate about the outdoors and getting people comfortable as they learn new skills and gain experience in the outdoors.

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