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Nature Connects and Forest Education

Saturday, July 30
3hrs – 10:00 – 1:00

Saturday, October 1
3hrs – 10:00 – 1:00

12 participants

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With today’s influx of modern technology more and more people are being deprived of connecting with their natural world. Some may never have been taught to simply listen to nature when it’s all around them. With my own personal passion for nature and my responsibility to share my knowledge, I present the Nature Connects and Forest Education Program to give people the opportunity to experience nature while gaining knowledge about the environment that is crucial for the development of intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing along with education on forest management and how important it is to manage our renewable resources through good stewardship in order to benefit from them in the future.

To familiarize people with the field exercise I begin with a presentation that will include a series of photos that identify tree species, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles indigenous to this area along with speaking about the environment, invasive species, some medicinal properties trees have and tree diseases.

The second portion of the program will be taking a walk in a forested area where we will look, listen and relate what was seen on the power point presentation. We will also discuss the importance of managing our forests, wildlife values, silviculture and caring for our environment so they will continue to provide for us and their inhabitants.


Date and Time
Saturday, July 30

Saturday, October 1

The Park
122 MacKenzie Lane, Coe Hill, ON KOL1P0


  • Bring a bug net or spray
  • Good hiking footwear
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle and snacks



About the instructor
Virginia deCarle

Over the past 11 years I’ve taken the initiative and have had the opportunity to create and facilitate a number of programs relating to nature connection and forest management through bringing some knowledge and experience from my profession as a Forestry Technician/Tree Marker, Youth Worker and Lover of Nature to many people of all ages.

There is a great team of people and supporters such as BASC, BAFIA, Community Volunteers, The Stewards of Bancroft Eagles Nest Park, Forests Ontario, Bancroft Minden Forest Company (BMFC), North Hastings Community Futures and Hastings County Economic Development, North Hasting High School (N.E.R.D.S), and Freymond Lumber who I have been fortunate to work with along the way. I’m grateful to have had this support and hope to continue providing people with educational programs, positive messaging and encouragement to be good stewards of the land.

Throughout these years I have presented my Nature Connects and Forestry Education Programs at a number of schools, public libraries and other public facilities in and around Hastings County. In 2012 I co-founded Bancroft Forestry Day and later Madoc Forestry Day; both have been well received by Hastings Prince Edward County schools for a number of years.

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