Your Private Backcountry Wilderness Park

An exclusive, members only wilderness park for all-seasons with a focus on conservation and low-impact recreation



Welcome to the Park

Join our exclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for protecting nature. Here’s your chance to be an inaugural member of The Park and enjoy all-year access to over 26,000 acres of south-central Ontario’s most breathtaking wilderness.

What is the park?

It’s hard to capture what the Park is in writing, so here’s our founder Ben Samann describing it

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Where is the Park?

Toronto → 3h
Ottawa → 2h45
Montreal → 4h45

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Why become a Member of
The Park?

  • Escape from the city to The Park any season and at your leisure.
  • Get outdoors without overbooking or crowding issues and bask in the wildness of the wilderness. 
  • Join a unique, like-minded, and exclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • Wake up to the wonder of nature in all its seasons. 
  • Channel your inner-adventurer through seasonal, low-impact outdoor activities.
  • Savour tranquil moments with family and friends around a roaring campfire. 
  • Respectfully cohabitate with all types of wildlife. 
  • Enjoy nightly stargazing and the occasional shooting star or full moon!
  • Partake in The Park’s unique amenities and services. 


Become a member this year and be among the first to shape the future of The Park. 

We offer two types of annual memberships.

Unlimited Membership

$ 9,000 per year
  • Year-round and full access to The Park’s 26,000 acres of stunning wilderness for the Member and up to three guests.
  • Guaranteed availability on peak dates including long weekends for campsites.
  • Includes access to The Park’s amenities and services including our Gear Library, Workshops and Courses.
  • Priority booking options to purchase The Park’s specialty Workshops and Courses or Certification Programs led by local experts throughout the year at a discount.
  • One complimentary Guided Group Trip and up to three complimentary Discover the Park Experiences – along with access to our outdoor instructors and priority booking options for purchasing additional Guided Trips & Experiences.
  • Access to our online portal to make bookings, view maps, find resources, and engage with the membership community by sharing trip stories.
  • Specialty Curated Premium Welcome Gift delivered to you prior to your first visit at The Park.
10% OFF

Limited Membership

$ 5,400 per year
  • Annual access to The Park for the Member and up to three guests excluding peak dates
  • Paid access to The Park’s amenities and services including our Gear Library, Workshops and Courses and Guided Group Trips or Experiences.
  • Access to our online portal to make bookings, view maps, find resources, and engage with the membership community by sharing trip stories.
  • Specialty Curated Welcome Gift delivered to you prior to your first visit at The Park.
10% OFF


The Park Amenities and Services

As an exclusive member of The Park, we offer a bevy of services and amenities to our Members to help elevate your experience and meet your outdoor needs.

Gear Library

Want to try something new? Or, simply forgot something at home? We’ve got you covered! Borrow it from our Gear Library. Our library is stocked with all the gear you’ll need to get the most out of your Park experience

The Gear Library will include:

  • Canoes will be available throughout the Park at every lake so you can enjoy Portageless Portages. When you arrive at a portage, simply leave your canoe and cross over to the next lake where there will be another canoe waiting for you. We will also have kevlar canoes for tripping available at the gate house for anyone looking to carry a boat with them for the entirety of their trip.
  • Freestanding and trekking pole tents, tarps, and other types of shelters.
  • Sleeping bags designed for all seasons. Along with inflatable, self-inflating, and foam sleeping pads to ensure optimum comfort.
  • Backpacks, outerwear including rain jackets, fleece sweaters – because nature can be unpredictable!
  • Trekking poles for your outdoor adventures.
  • Cooking systems – but note you’ll need to bring your own culinary skills!
  • Smallwares including flashlights, sunglasses, fire starters, water purification tablets, fuel canisters, tent pegs, snacks, and personal hygiene products, etc.
  • Equipment for all-season specialty activities such as bikes, snowshoes, and cross-country skis.
  • Life Jackets and First Aid Kits – because it’s always safety first.

Our Gear Library is stocked based on general demand. It will feature new and gently used equipment. All equipment will be checked and cleaned by staff after each use and before it is returned to the library. 

The Gear Library is complementary to Unlimited Members based on availability. Limited Members can pay a fee for use of items in the library based on availability. All gear may be used within The Park or on other trips with special permission.

Online Portal

Connect with other members, book online, access mapping resources and trip stories to get the most out of the Park.

Workshops and Courses

Get the most out of your Park experience. We have curated a number of Workshops and Courses for members to enjoy throughout the year.

All Workshops and Courses must be booked in advance. Complimentary to our Unlimited Members and their guests based on a first priority booking and availability. Limited Members and their guests will be charged a fee and enrolment will be based on availability. Click to learn more about each type of workshop.

30 minute 101-style demos led by our experienced Rangers, and include:

Camping 101 – equipment uses, set-up tips, packing and proper gear checklists, and safety checks to ensure an optimum outdoor experience.

ATWEY (Animals that Will EAT You) 101 – Sure sounds funny now but let’s face it, you’re in some of Ontario’s most stunning wilderness and it is important to know how to deal with a different range of wildlife encounters.

Compass Use 101 – A guide on proper usage of one of an outdoor enthusiast’s most valuable tools – the compass.

Campfires 101 – How to create the perfect fire, common mistakes to avoid and how to safely extinguish a fire.

Paddling & Portage 101 – Canoeing is not as simple as jumping in with your paddle. Discover top paddling and portage tips and techniques from our experts.

Range of 1–3-hour classes led by experts. Full schedule coming soon!

Topics to include:

  • Ultralight camping – tips on minimalist camping
  • Advanced Paddling – learn advanced paddling techniques
  • Foraging – tips on searching for wild food sources
  • Mushroom Hunting – how to determine edible vs. non-edible mushrooms
  • Wilderness Cooking – discover how to up your culinary camping skills
  • Backcountry Survival Tactics – get life-saving survival skills
  • Plant + Tree Identification – reconnect with nature and understand the vegetation surrounding you.
  • Bird Observation – observe some of The Parks most beautiful inhabitants
  • More Coming Soon!

Throughout the year we will host a series of experts and instructors to lead immersive specialty workshops that offer a further depth of knowledge on the topics being covered. These workshops may be full day or multi-day experiences. Stay tuned!

Sign-up for The Park’s unique certification training opportunities. Offered in groups with varying class lengths based on certification requirements.

Topics to include:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Water & Ice Rescue
  • Disaster Response

Available to Unlimited Members-only and up to three guests at a discounted rate

Guided Trips and Experiences

venture into the Park with one of our team members for an unforgettable, stress-free adventure.

An introductory experience offered by our Rangers, who will take you on your first day’s hike and show you and your three guests some of the most breathtaking areas of The Park. Our Rangers will also share their top paddling tips and show you how to set-up camp. Then they’ll take their leave for you and your guests to fully enjoy the rest of your trip on your own.

Unlimited Members receive three complimentary Discover the Park Experience as part of their annual membership. Limited Members can inquire about pricing and availability for this trip and experience.

Join other members for weekly Guided Group Trips with a local expert guide throughout The Park. Enjoy a two night trip through the backcountry featuring both backpacking and paddling to visit some of the Park’s most beautiful spots. A knowledgeable guide will lead the group and provide all camp provisions and food preparations, ending with a hike back to your car to bid adieu to your newfound friends and fellow members. 

Unlimited Members receive one complimentary Guided Group Trip as part of their annual membership. Limited Members can inquire about pricing and availability for this trip and experience. All food on this trip is provided. 

Your wish is our command! We will help you build a custom trip, including the route, the support crew, and meals. Choose an epic route of pure adventure (and maybe some suffering too!) through uncharted lands, or a cushy paddle with guides, porters, and even a cook. We can send along a naturalist to help you identify birds and frogs, a photographer to get your Instagram-worthy shots, or a forager to keep you fed along the way.
You tell us what you want! This is our inaugural year, and we want Members to get involved and give us feedback and suggestions to help shape our offerings at The Park.

Pricing will be set individually. Only available to Unlimited Members..

Upcoming Events!

We offer courses and workshops for our members. Check out what we have scheduled so far for this summer!

Canadian Style Paddling 1

Shawn McShane | June 11

CSP1 is an introductory canoeing course that will cover the basics of boat designs, history, getting in and out of a canoe, loading, trimming, and launching, and of course how to paddle a canoe efficiently and effectively as a tandem and solo paddler. the course is based on learning the fundamentals of canoe stroke and maneuvers through the practice of 5 core moves; pivots, circles, forward and backward lines, landings, and circles. It’s a great way to get started into canoeing or to sharpen your skills and teaching abilities too. It may even help you leave some bad habits behind for some new more reliable ones.

About the instructor
Shawn McShane

Shawn McShane is an ORCKA Instructor trainer and wilderness instructor, guide, and outdoor adventurer. He has worked in many communities across Canada training people in a variety of skills from winter survival and predator defense, to Expedition leadership and canoe and kayak skills mastery. Shawn is a patient and thorough Instructor who is passionate about the outdoors and getting people comfortable as they learn new skills and gain experience in the outdoors.

Intro to Foraging for Wild Edible Mushrooms

Stephan Lukaicic | June 19 and August 20

This immersive wilderness learning experience consists of a 90-minute classroom style presentation covering everything you need to know to safely and sustainably forage for wild edible mushrooms. The seminar is followed by a hike into the forest where participants put the skills they’ve just learned directly into practice, identifying whatever wild mushrooms they come across. There’s always time for questions and conversation, and usually some cool people and a bunch of laughs!

There are thousands of species of mushrooms in eastern North America, many of which you can find all across Ontario. Some have strange alien-looking shapes that don’t resemble the mushrooms you find in the grocery store at all. Some look like heads of cauliflower, some like beautiful corals you’d find under the sea, others like soccer balls, bird’s feathers, or dangling icicles that hang from tree trunks, or that burst up from the forest floor.
Wild mushrooms have curious folk names like “Dead Man’s Fingers”, “Shaggy Mane”, “Witch’s Butter”, and “Bear’s Head Tooth”; but their scientific names are far more accurate and important. Some turn colours when they’re cut or bruised, others smell like common fruits, taste acrid or bitter, or even glow in the dark at night. Many wild mushrooms are delicious; others are toxic. Most are unpalatable, flavourless, or too tough to eat. A few are even deadly. But how do you know which is which?

As the wise saying goes: “There are old mushroom hunters, and there are bold mushroom hunters… but there are NO old, bold mushroom hunters!”. With a few simple steps and rules, avid outdoorsman and forager Stephan Lukacic will start you down the rewarding path towards being able to safely recognize and locate wild edible mushrooms in the forest, and in many cases, right in your own backyard or local park when you get back home!

*Note: this experience focuses on teaching you how to find and safely identify wild edible mushrooms. This is not a standard (boring!) foraging walk where a guide identifies mushrooms for you, which you then take home—having learned very little about how and why those mushrooms are safe to eat, where they like to grow, or how to properly harvest them! This short, intensive “course” is designed to demystify wild mushrooms—giving you a solid foundation on which to build foraging skills.

About the Instructor
Stephan Lukacic

Popular outdoors educator Stephan Lukacic (@stevie_funfur on Instagram) takes you deep into the science, ecology, and practical identification skills needed to find and harvest wild edible mushrooms!

Learn More about Stephan Here

Nature Connects and Forest Education

Virginia deCarle | July 30 and October 1

With today’s influx of modern technology more and more people are being deprived of connecting with their natural world. Some may never have been taught to simply listen to nature when it’s all around them. With my own personal passion for nature and my responsibility to share my knowledge, I present the Nature Connects and Forest Education Program to give people the opportunity to experience nature while gaining knowledge about the environment that is crucial for the development of intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing along with education on forest management and how important it is to manage our renewable resources through good stewardship in order to benefit from them in the future.

To familiarize people with the field exercise I begin with a presentation that will include a series of photos that identify tree species, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles indigenous to this area along with speaking about the environment, invasive species, some medicinal properties trees have and tree diseases.

The second portion of the program will be taking a walk in a forested area where we will look, listen and relate what was seen on the power point presentation. We will also discuss the importance of managing our forests, wildlife values, silviculture and caring for our environment so they will continue to provide for us and their inhabitants.

About the instructor
Virginia deCarle

Over the past 11 years I’ve taken the initiative and have had the opportunity to create and facilitate a number of programs relating to nature connection and forest management through bringing some knowledge and experience from my profession as a Forestry Technician/Tree Marker, Youth Worker and Lover of Nature to many people of all ages.

There is a great team of people and supporters such as BASC, BAFIA, Community Volunteers, The Stewards of Bancroft Eagles Nest Park, Forests Ontario, Bancroft Minden Forest Company (BMFC), North Hastings Community Futures and Hastings County Economic Development, North Hasting High School (N.E.R.D.S), and Freymond Lumber who I have been fortunate to work with along the way. I’m grateful to have had this support and hope to continue providing people with educational programs, positive messaging and encouragement to be good stewards of the land.

Throughout these years I have presented my Nature Connects and Forestry Education Programs at a number of schools, public libraries and other public facilities in and around Hastings County. In 2012 I co-founded Bancroft Forestry Day and later Madoc Forestry Day; both have been well received by Hastings Prince Edward County schools for a number of years.

Birding Walk

Michael Runtz | September 24th

Join renowned naturalist, photographer, author and teacher, Michael Runtz for a Half-day birding walk through The Park.

More details to come!

About the instructor
Michael Runtz

Michael’s association with Algonquin Park spans nearly 50 years and includes working in the Park as an interpretive naturalist for 11 seasons. Michael hosted the international television series Wild by Nature, authored and illustrated 14 natural history books including Algonquin Wild and, his latest, Wildflowers of Algonquin Provincial Park and The Explorer’s Guide to Algonquin Park, 4th Edition.  Additionally, Michael provided the images for the award-winning children’s book At Home with the Beaver.  Michael has written more than 1,100 natural history articles for newspapers and magazines (Nature’s Way was nearing its 30th season when Covid-19 cut it short). Michael teaches Natural History and Ornithology courses at Carleton University where more than 56,000 students have taken his courses. His numerous awards include the Council of Canadian University Biology Chairs Distinguished Public Science Education Award, the Friends of Algonquin Directors Award, the Friends of Bonnechere Parks Directors Award, and several Carleton University Teaching Achievement Awards. A popular keynote speaker and media guest, Michael was the only Canadian featured in the TVO/NHK Japan’s Superteachers series.  Visit Michael on Facebook and Instagram at Nature by Runtz.

Guided Forest Therapy Walk

Marilyn Zehr | August 13 and September 18th

A Guided Forest Therapy Walk by certified Guide Marilyn Zehr will assist in deepening your connection to place. Guided Forest Therapy is a slow and mindful walk in the natural world. This forest immersion experience is inspired by Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing that has been proven to enhance health and wellness.  

During the walk, you will be offered a clearly defined series of open-ended invitations that encourage you to slow down & experience your surroundings more deeply.  These invitations intentionally enrich your experience of the natural world in relationship with your natural self. Along the way there will be opportunities to share your observations/insights with fellow participants. Every walk concludes with a wild-foraged tea and snack.  

The walk may include uneven pathways, rocks, roots, and mud.  Be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather and terrain. Wearing layers is recommended so you can modify as necessary. Additional items that may add to your comfort are rain jacket/umbrella, bug hats/bug spray,  sunscreen, a small camp chair, or yoga mat for sitting on damp ground.

Bring water and/or snack, although there will be tea and a snack served at the end of our time together.

About the instructor
Marilyn Zehr

Marilyn’s happy place has always been outdoors. In 2007 she purchased land near Bancroft and has now built the Rise Above Guest House. Initially thinking it was her responsibility to take care of the land,  it wasn’t long until she realized it was the land and forest taking care of her. 

Marilyn currently serves the United Church of Canada as an ordained Minister in the Maynooth Madawaska Pastoral Charge. She has special training in Spiritual Direction (also known as Spiritual Companionship). Marilyn and wife Svinda have founded a Forest Church called Cathedral of the Trees and are on the steering committee that organizes the summer Forest Church in Algonquin Park. 

Marilyn’s degrees include BA Honours in Religious Studies and Sociology (University of Toronto)  Masters of Divinity at Emmanuel College (Toronto School of Theology) Masters of Theology with Diploma in Spiritual Direction from Regis College (Toronto School of Theology),  Forest Therapy Certification with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and Wilderness First Aid Certification.

Learn more about Marilyn here


For us at The Park, we take our land stewardship role seriously. We know our members do too. Through your membership you are supporting the ongoing conservation of this incredible landscape and its wildlife inhabitants. That is why we limit the number of members each year to maintain a true wilderness experience for you – our Members and your guests. While ensuring long-term protection of our properties and the wildlife that use them.


Did you know?


acres of breathtaking wilderness in south-central Ontario was purchased and is now protected thanks to Land’escapes, one of Canada’s most unique private conservation projects.

26,400 acres

now dedicated to The Park and building an exclusive community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for protecting nature through conservation and low-impact outdoor recreational activities.

18,630 acres

known as The Woodlot are being restored and we’re currently researching other conservation focused land uses

12,250 acres

transferred to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

8,250 acres

to be protected long-term through either transfer to the Nature Conservancy of Canada or other special interest groups.

Park Values

Through our unique blend of conservation and outdoor recreation, we believe our Members share our common values of conservation including leaving no trace and respecting the land, wildlife, and other members. Our goal with The Park is to build a community of people who are not just accessing this beautiful wilderness but taking ownership of its care for generations to come.

So, now the question is….Is the Park calling you?


Still have questions?