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At Land’escapes, you can find a hiking trail for every trip. These wilderness trails are quiet, secluded, and not always well-travelled. Almost all trails involve water crossings at some point. Here is a quick guide to how we classify our trails.

Relaxed and Family Friendly Trails <5km
Well-established trails with short water crossings on boardwalks.

Moderate trails, 5-15km
Some elevation changes and longer water crossings.

Challenging trails, >15k Frequent elevation changes, wet feet likely as the trail traverses wetland or challenging water crossings. Isolated trails that aren’t always easy to follow. Backcountry experience and navigating with Avenza App are recommended.

What's backcountry camping?

It means you leave your vehicle behind and travel into nature away from developed areas. Backcountry camping offers more challenges than front-country camping because you will be carrying all of your gear with you, so you need to pack light! The challenge is worth it once you arrive at your campsite right on the lake with very few if any other campsites around you so you can really soak in the magic of the Ontario wilderness.

Our trips are primarily hiking (also called backpacking) trips with some including paddling in order to reach your site. All of our trips are within the Land’escapes property so we have left the canoes at the lakes for you so that you don’t have to carry them. Welcome to the portage-less portage!

Pre-designed routes & itineraries to make planning a breeze

Lakefront campsites with fire pits, grills, pre-hung bear hangs and a campsite kit

Gear outfitting and guidance on whatever you need

Canoes, paddles, PFDs, and emergency kits waiting for you on every lake

Backcountry tutorials and demonstrations from our team to build your skills

Our Trails

Jocko Lake Loop


Relaxed, 5km Family-friendly, forest trail with one or two fun challenges and a short beaver dam crossing.

Views of pristine Jocko Lake as you make your way around its perimeter through mature red pine and oak forests. Visit a grassy wetland on the eastern side of the lake and a tamarack swamp on the western side.


This loop is a great day trip if you are camping on one of our four campsites on Jocko Lake.

Egan Creek Loop


Moderately difficult 12.5 km trail with a variety of hiking conditions from rugged forest paths to wide sandy trails. Some hills and a wetland crossing on a boardwalk. 

Views of High Falls, Egan Creek Falls, Buttermilk Lake and Mcfee Lake.


Explore this trail over multiple days. Stay at the secluded and peaceful Site 52 on Egan Creek where you will fall asleep listening to the bubbling creek. The next day hike to Chain Lakes and stay on sites 87 or 85. Then after one more day of hiking spend your last afternoon enjoying a well-deserved swim on Mcfee Lake. Perfect for a long weekend away in nature.

Four Lakes Loop


Moderate 17 km trail with some elevation change and challenging sections.

Climbs to two lookouts along the western side of Blue Seas Lakes. Follows high ridges and hilltops as a single-track forested path.


This loop makes a great four day backpacking adventure. We recommend staying your first night on Chain Lake, the second on Taits Lake, and the third on Blue Seas lakes. You’ll have lots of privacy, and get to experience some of the best views in the park.

Wetlands Run


Challenging 17km trail. Single-track forested trail that traverses hills, ridges and wetlands.

There is plenty of access to water but elevation changes are frequent and sometimes challenging.  The west shore of Twomile Lake has “quick-mud” sections that the trail avoids, so use caution when approaching the lake for a better look.


Pack light and tackle this trail in a single day. It can be done in 6 hours or so with minimal rest stops. Excellent hike for those camping on Jocko Lake, you’ll be back in camp with plenty of time to relax, and you’ll need it after doing this loop in a day! 

Or, take your time and really explore this trail. Twomile, Mountain, and Fish Lakes each have one campsite and canoes ready for you.

Western Woods Trail


Challenging 13 km trail

Mostly single-track forested trail. Includes a significant beaver dam crossing which can be treacherous!

While traversing the forested highlands, you will come to a high hill with a spectacular view of the wetland below. Bring binoculars as you may spot a moose browsing for water plants. This trail connects with Bear Shanty Lake, Powers Lake, John Lake and a beautiful wetland complex.


This makes a fun weekend trip for an ambitious hiker. Spend the night at Powers Lake at a secluded backcountry site to break up the trek.

Ridge Run


Challenging 14.2 km trail. While it does use some old ATV trails (which will be flat and sandy) there are many kilometres of single-track forested trail. The only reliable water access is at Jocko Lake, Dixon Creek, and Mountain Lake. 

Going between Jocko Lake to Dixon Lake, this trail is the most secluded in the park! Lush, quiet forest where you can immerse yourself in nature.


Traverse the southern half of the park using this trail and the Wetlands Run for a multi-day hiking adventure. 

Start at Jocko Lake and head out on the Wetlands Run to Twomile Lake for night one. On day two tackle this trail and arrive at Dixon Lake for your second night. From here you could end your trip, or carry on to a different trail for more adventures!



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