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We’re now offering a range of backcountry camping trips with varying styles and levels of difficulty. For all of you outdoorsy people out there who are ready to start exploring backcountry hiking and paddling – these trips are for you!

Maybe you don’t have all the gear, or you’re not quite sure how to navigate the many surprises that the backcountry can spring on you – well, we’re here to get you primed and outfitted for a truly memorable experience.

Our trips are designed to help make backcountry camping easy and take your skills to the next level. We’ll work backwards from your needs, and give you a proper taste of the outdoors.

We also offer trips for seasoned campers who don’t want to invest a lot of time planning long and strenuous trips.

All of our trips will send you on a backcountry adventure that fits your comfort level.

What's backcountry camping?

It means you leave your vehicle behind and travel into nature away from developed areas. Backcountry camping offers more challenges than front-country camping because you will be carrying all of your gear with you, so you need to pack light! The challenge is worth it once you arrive at your campsite right on the lake with very few if any other campsites around you so you can really soak in the magic of the Ontario wilderness.

Our trips are primarily hiking (also called backpacking) trips with some including paddling in order to reach your site. All of our trips are within the Land’escapes property so we have left the canoes at the lakes for you so that you don’t have to carry them. Welcome to the portage-less portage!

Pre-designed routes & itineraries to make planning a breeze

Lakefront campsites with fire pits, grills, pre-hung bear hangs and a campsite kit

Gear outfitting and guidance on whatever you need

Canoes, paddles, PFDs, and emergency kits waiting for you on every lake

Backcountry tutorials and demonstrations from our team to build your skills

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Site Features

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Online gift cards for one our trips are a great way to give someone a unique experience backcountry camping!


We have a special offering for anyone wanting unlimited access to Land’escapes any time, all year round. By paying an annual fee you and your guests can have guaranteed access to prime campsites, our gear library, and other perks. Contact us to learn more. 



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