Your Next Great Wilderness Adventure Awaits You At The Park

100 annual memberships available for Land’escapes 100km², The Park offering outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for nature & low-impact recreation the ultimate year-round escape


Staycations are on the rise in Canada this year. Many Canadians are looking for new, local travel spots to explore with family and friends void of restrictive booking or cancellation policies. The Park at Land’escapes is a new private, all-season, members-only backcountry wilderness park featuring 26,400 acres of south-central Ontario’s most breathtaking landscape. It’s focused on conservation and connecting Canadians with nature through low-impact outdoor recreation including camping, hiking, biking, paddling, and skiing. The Park enables members to visit year-round and at their leisure without overcrowding or overbooking for a true wilderness experience.

“When this once in a lifetime opportunity came up to purchase 65,530 acres of some of Hasting County’s most magnificent wilderness, I knew I had to step up. It fulfilled a lifelong dream of bringing together an exclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for protecting nature and its inhabitants, while being able to enjoy low-impact, all-season outdoor recreational activities. With 26,400 acres to explore throughout the year, our members will be able to discover something new and exciting with each visit,” said Ben Samann, founder of Land’escapes, home to one of Canada’s most unique private conservation projects.

Currently The Park offers members over 150 kms of marked and mapped trails for beginners to intermediate-level hikers. Sparkling blue lakes and unchartered wetlands offer endless paddling trips, while a portage-less portage allows members to paddle to the end of one stunning lake, leave their canoe and hop into a new one waiting at the next equally stunning lake. No motorized vehicles are permitted at The Park to preserve its landscape and to adhere to its 100-year-rule of leaving no trace behind to preserve its landscape and protect wildlife for generations to come.

Two levels of membership are now available including an Unlimited Membership and a Limited Membership. An Unlimited Membership costs $10,000 per year. It provides the member and up to three of their guests unlimited visits to The Park all-year round, along with full access to its many premium amenities and services to enrich and elevate its member’s outdoor experiences.

A Limited Membership is available for $6,000 per year and offers access to The Park for the member and up to three guests, outside of peak times and when sites are available. Limited members have paid access to The Park’s amenities and services.

The Park’s premium amenities and services include:

  • A Gear Library stocked with essential gear ranging from canoes, tents, cooking systems, and all-season recreational equipment that members can borrow if they’ve forgotten something at home or if they want to try something new.
  • Beginner to Intermediate-level Workshops and Classes led by The Park’s experienced Rangers including basic 30-minute, 101-style demos on Camping, Campfires, Paddling & Portaging and even an ATWEY class (“Animals That Will EAT You”) that provides tips on how to deal with different animal encounters safely and respectfully. Intermediate Workshops and Classes feature a number of 1–3-hour classes with topics like Ultralight Camping, Advanced Paddling, Wilderness Cooking, and Backcountry Survival Tactics.
  • VIP Specialty Workshops and Certification Programs will be available for purchase to Unlimited Members only.
  • Guided Trips & Experiences are offered throughout the year and are designed to help members get to know other members, set-up camp, and explore different areas of The Park. Unlimited Members get one complimentary Guided Group Trip and up to three Discover The Park experiences. Coming soon is a customizable Backcountry Butler Guided Trip & Experience for Unlimited Members offering endless possibilities!

According to Samann, Land’escapes is offering only 100 memberships to The Park for 2022, in an effort to provide a true wilderness experience for members, while individually aligning with each member’s interests, lifestyles, and schedules void of restrictive policies. He adds, “If a member wants to flee the city last minute and escape to The Park, they simply shoot a text, and they are guaranteed a campsite. Or if they want to daytrip, then they just head up to The Park at their convenience and enjoy.”

For its inaugural year, The Park is looking to actively involve members to help shape the future of The Park including adding new, exciting and additional amenities and services.

About Land'escapes

Land’escapes is home to one of Canada’s most unique private conservation projects, The Park, which opened this spring, and offers annual and exclusive memberships enabling Canadians to connect with nature through low-impact recreation. Through its Stewardship Program and The Park, Land’escapes is focused on a number of conservation initiatives. For more information, click here

About The Park

An exclusive, members only wilderness park for all-seasons with a focus on conservation and low-impact recreation. Featuring 26,400 acres of stunning backcountry wilderness in south-central Ontario and offering two levels of memberships. The Park features a range of amenities and services that are designed to enrich and elevate each member’s experience. For more information, click here

For more information or to schedule an interview with Land’escapes’ founder, Ben Samann, please contact:

Margaret Batuszkin
Kasama Marketing


Your Next Great Wilderness Adventure Awaits You At The Park



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